The Three Masters course

The start of May was a very exciting time for me this year. I went on a photographer course up in Staffordshire at an amazing hotel called ‘Hoar Cross Hall’. Even now three months later I am completely buzzing from this course. I met some amazing photographers which hopefully will keep in touch over the…

The Guild of Photographer awards

I have been a member of The Guild of photographer’s for a couple of years. They are an excellent organisation which do some amazing training and mentoring for photographers of all standards. They support you every step of the way and have helped me develop in a number of directions. One thing they do is an…

The Kings Arms Styled shoot

I had an amazing day on January 23rd 2017. I organised a shoot with Ann Aveyard at the Kings Arms Hotel In Christchurch. The purpose was to have some out of season practice. Trying new styles which you dont have the opportunity on an actual wedding day. I worked also with some amazing bridal professionals….

Christchurch priory & Kings arms pavillion

For me there is one church that hits the jackpot in our local area. Christchurch Priory is a large church full of history. It even had me doing solo’s when I was a child! It gives me goosebumps just walking into the church. For the lucky couples who book the venue in time they are…

Sopley mill

A Mill has been at Sopley since 1066. This mill hasn’t been there for that long but it is full of history which rebounds of the walls and the grounds. It is a fabulous location for a wedding. This gorgeous October day full of sunshine had smiles and laughter the whole day. John and Zoe’s love for…

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