Charles Thorne

About Charles


Has been doing Wedding photography for half of his life

Completed eleven marathons including New York, Boston and Chicago

Married with 3 amazing boys (picture below)

First wedding couple were in their 80’s

Favourite book is Lord of the Rings

Loves a good dance to a bit of techno

Has a degree in Editorial Photography


Why wedding photography?

To love wedding photography you must love people and like to talk. Whilst growing up one of my favourite past times was people watching. When I was doing A level Art, my teacher and I went to the Bournemouth International centre and used to do quick sketches of people drinking their coffee. It was such fun. Watching them talk, laugh, fidget, become agitated!

Emotion is so powerful, catching it in a drawing or photograph has such impact. Problem with drawing was it took far to long to show emotion and flatter the participant. I quickly realised that a photograph was automatic and gave me what I was after. It gave me such a buzz and still does.

wedding photos in Dorset
Bridesmaids group shot at a highcliffe castle wedding

My style

My motto is – ‘It’s your day – not mine’. Such a priviledge to be at a couples wedding day and it deserves respect. By standing back and letting the day run in it’s natural way gives you a true perspective of the day. Giving you memories and fresh stories that you didn’t see, mixing that with a few fun family / friend group photos. Doing Wedding photography is an absolute joy and I cant imagine my world without it.

Favourite picture of my boys

Taken in October 2016 at Linford Bottom in the New Forest.

There is such a story around this picture. I took my boys to the New forest to get some nice pictures to give to their mum for Christmas. As normal the boys had better ideas and wanted to play around the river. Just to make it clear my youngest isn’t throwing a brick at my eldest’s head! LOVE the connection and the gorgeous autumn light in this pic and it reminds me of their character at the time. The picture is hanging on the wall at home.

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Dream weddings at Highcliffe castle

Most bride and grooms want a castle wedding looking over the sea. Highcliffe castle has it all. Gorgeous ceremony room, vast banquet room that can fit all your guests and access to an amazing beach at the bottom of the garden.

When I am not doing wedding photography…

What’s important to me

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New forest birds


love people


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