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From a young age I have enjoyed sitting and watching the landscape. One of my earliest childhood memories is drawing the fields beyond the fence at school, absorbing the peace from a distance while shutting out the noice from the classroom! The drawings weren't very good but the memory of the fields have stayed with me. As I grew older, the drawings improved but to perfect them took time. One Christmas, as a teenager, I was given a Polaroid camera and soon realised that photography was a great way of capturing a moment in time and all the memories associated with it. I was hooked. After school I went on to Art College where I studied all forms of Art, including Photography. I then went on to study photography a little more closely and in 1995 I completed a degree in Editorial Photography. The following year, I was asked to photograph my first wedding: an elderly couple who were remarrying. Though they were in their eighties, their love for each other shined through and after capturing some beautiful moments from their special day, I realised that I had a particular passion for Wedding Photography. I spent the next few years working with other photographers to gain more experience in the art of Wedding Photography and then in 2001 I launched my own Wedding Photography business. I am based in Christchurch, Dorset and I am married with three children. My passion for Photography is still growing and I would love to join you on your wedding day to capture those special memories for you to cherish forever.

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