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Black and White photography should be an art form in it’s own. A good Black and White photograph has great power that colour photography can not manage. Why is this? Taking colour out of a picture leaves plenty on the table. The reasons for this is the below –


As my trainers/mentors have always told me, ‘It is all about the light’. It is the fundamental thing us photographers have to look at first before taking a picture. If the light is in the wrong place the photograph will loose it’s impact. When used well it will give you shape and dynamics. Taking the colour out of an image all of a sudden makes light even more important and gives the image the impact that we are after.


Being in the right place at the right time is so important. Us photographers have to think about the light and then capture what they see. In days before digital photography I carried around with me two cameras with me. One with a roll of colour film and the other with a roll of black and white. If I was in a church or a great reception hall I would use my black and white camera to get that dramatic impact and to show the emotion in a couples/guests face. With the age of digital I look at an image in the same way and use Black and white photography to show peoples emotion.

With all my wedding photography packages I will give you a Black and white set which hopefully compliments your day.

A good proportion of the images above have been taken in photography courses where a trainer has directed the model to where she wants. I have just taken the photograph and developed the image


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