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Thank you very much for looking at my Blog.  If you haven’t looked at my work before I am a Wedding photographer in Christchurch, Dorset. This week I am going to show one of my favourite combinations – Christchurch Priory and the Kings Arms Hotel. I have known the Priory since I was a child where I used to sing in my school choir, I have some amazing memories of the church – I usually get goosebumps. It is an old but magnificent building, It has a real buzz when the church is packed with guests, waiting for the bride.

I first met Sara over a cup of tea at my house. She was so excited about her big day – I liked her immediately. I could tell we were going to have fun. I was not wrong. We had everything including a sing-a-long at sunset!

The day of the wedding was perfect, crystal clear blue skies which lasted the whole day. Sara and Jason didn’t stop smiling and I could tell they were made for each other.

It just works….

This combination of the Priory and the Kings Arms is fantastic for one easy reason. It is all in walking distance of each other. Your guests will love it. They can park their car in the many car parks and walk to the church and then on to the hotel. It is also great for us photographers as you have the river so close to the church so whilst you walk to the Hotel you can stop and have a few pictures.

Here are some of my favourites from their day. Please get in contact if you would like to know more. Details are below.


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