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Thank you for looking at my blog. If you haven’t seen my work before I am a Dorset wedding photographer based in Christchurch. This wedding at Christchurch Priory & Kings Arms Hotel just shows why I have been doing Wedding photography for over 20 years. It is all about the pure joy that couples shows through out the day. What is there not to like!

This was a lovely wedding in August 2019. The original weather forcast wasn’t looking good. Which I was really gutted as we had such plans for the day. As the day got nearer the forecast got better and better and when the day came it was nearly perfect. Beautiful sunny skies with a bit of a keen breeze. In the mid afternoon the wind calmed down and the skies got a lovely milkiness as if it was in the golden hour. I was getting as giddy as a school boy. Loved every minute of it.

The below images are my ‘storybook’ of the day. So many memories that the couple will treasure for years to come. Please click on an image to increase the size.

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Have a look at Christchurch Priory website – https://www.christchurchpriory.org

To find out more about the Kings Arms Hotel in Christchurch please take a look at their website – https://www.harbourhotels.co.uk/kings-arms

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