climate change

“There is no question climate change is happening. The only arguable point is what part humans are playing in it.”

(David Attenborough)

The World is in trouble and we should all do our part to sort it out (Thomas Thorne 2020)


Over the last couple of years the message of Climate change has been all around us – literally. There are signs of it everywhere. From the dramatic weather that we are all having, the air that we breathe, rising tempertures, plastic waste. There is one connection between all of it – Humans. We ‘manfactured’ this crisis. Initally we ignored the signs but over the last 20 years Scientists have been telling us we need to change our habits and our ways. I think we are all starting to listen but are we too late?

Call me an optimist but I think we can change the world we live in. The big mistake I feel at the moment is that we are waiting for our leaders to show the way but I think we know the answer already.


Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

I have always tried to do my part for the enviroment but I have increasing thought I wasn’t doing enough so this year I have decided to do more. The 3 ‘R’s is the way forward. It is so simple but by Reducing your plastic waste, Reusing our rubbish where possible and recycling more can dramatically help our lives in the future. It isn’t the only thing we can do but that is the key to how we start our journey. Yes we are not helped by supermarkets still selling items that arent recyclable but we dont have to buy them. This will force them in changing.


You wouldn’t think that wedding photography has a large carbon footprint but with camera equipment from all over the world and other necessities coming from Italy. Ireland and Scotland. It is so difficult to have local suppliers for everything but I do feel I can do better. It gives me a chance to have a relationship with my suppliers and do my bit for the enviroment which is so important to me.

To improve my Carbon footprint I am going to do –

To get suppliers that are closer to home.

With all my packages in 2021 I am going to give money to a local enviroment charity to offset.

To have a download package.

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A wonderful local charity is The Dorset Wildlife trust. Take a look at their website