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The picture above is of my family. This is the ultimate picture to me and I absolutely love it. I remember setting up my lights in my Mum and Dad’s lounge with the kids running around like lunatics. It was a great day as we all knew how important it was to get this photograph and it was lovely getting the family together as we all get on. Things happen, good and bad and we all need this picture to fall back on and say ‘this is my family’.

For the writing of this blog I had to look for the digital copy of this picture. It came to my attention how few copies I have of it. Normally, I have my photographs backed up in many different formats with cloud, external hard drives etc. A couple of years ago one of my drives failed and it has now come to my attention that this photograph was on there. Totally gutted. Thankfully I still have a copy of it even though it isn’t the original.

May 2015

I also noticed that we took this photograph 4 and a half years ago. How could it be that long? The children look so different now with two of them almost teenagers.  What I love about this photograph is that it shows our characteristics. The children are playing around a bit and all the adults (including me) are looking good.

October 2019

I am now putting the feelers out for a new family portrait. We have all changed. All the children have grown and two of them will be teenagers next year. We will definitely need a bigger sofa!

If you are after a family portrait of your own please get in touch. It is always important to have a picture like this on your wall, not on your phone.


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