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One of the wonders of the world on our door step.

As some of you know I love getting up early in the morning. As I have hit 1000 likes on my Facebook page I wanted to do something special. Go to somewhere I haven’t been. Durdle door is a very popular spot for us photographers. With it’s well known arch it isn’t surprising. I left Home in Christchurch at around 6 in the morning and it took me some 45 minutes to get to Lulworth cove car park. With it being still rather dark I ventured up over the high hill with torch in hand. It seemed to go on forever. I stopped to catch my breath half way up and the only thing on my mind was….Corr! How unfit am I. The closer to the top the more slippery the brick path became. I get to the top and I can see Portland in the far distance. The lights still shinning bright.  The sky starts to lighten but I start to get concerned as the skies are quite cloudy and wondered if my early morning was in vain. I keep my hopes up as Durdle door now was in sight and the sound of waves was getting closer, it was a magnificent sight. I reach the steps  down to the beach and realise I am not alone. It feels like a fashion shoot with a famous celebrity. I didn’t want to take the ‘Durdle Door’ shot anyway so I stayed on the top cliff and waiting for a further 10 minutes before first glimpse of daybreak. Sunrise itself was disappointing, the sky was bland with grey cloud, there was a small orange haze around horizon but nothing of interest. Great thing about sunrise is that light can change very quickly and around 5 minutes later the cloudy skies started to clear and a sharp line of light shone through. The clouds started to redden. It was a transformation.  I felt I was in the right spot now to catch this so I snapped away. I stayed on the top until most of the other photographers had started to leave and went down to the beach. The skies in the meantime were clearing and the colour was still good. I ventured down the beach and with the tide crashing in the noise was deafening. I stayed down at the beach for a further 30 minutes. I sat on the grainy sand and listened to the waves crashing in. I was completely on my own. What a place. Definitely one of the wonders of the World. I walked slowly back to the car and when I got back to the top of the hill it started to rain. Sun was shining. I looked behind me and a faint rainbow was shining over the Arch. The Purbeck’s are thankfully looked after for the many generations to come. No sigh of us Humans here. Lets hope it stays like that.

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