West Dorset Wedding

West Dorset Wedding

This West Dorset Wedding was a complete joy from beginning to end. Being on one of the hottest days of 2019 made it a day not for the jackets but of shade and the fizzy stuff. We originally met in the beautiful West Dorset seaside town of West Bay. We walked down the scarily beautiful beach with cliffs that went for ever. From right at the start I could see that they were a very easy going couple who were ready for some fun. After walking down the beach we went up the slope to see the sunset and I got them dancing and chatting amongst the buttercups. Being a wedding photographer you do have to love watching people. I get a real thrill from it and it is probably why I have been doing it for nearly 25 years.


A couple of weeks before Kate and Rob’s big West Dorset wedding we met up at the family farm in Beaminster. With all my couples the final prep is the most important day. We sit down and go through the day and get ideas of how best to photograph it. It is also a good chance to get to know each other and get tips on what their likes and dislikes are. Rob and Kate wanted a storybook of their day with memories of their family and friends. Family was mentioned a lot in our meeting and it was clear to see that every member had an important part to play. Before leaving the farm they pointed out Gerrard’s hill  which was where they got engaged. Ideas were brewing in my head.

pre wedding shoot in west bay


Due to living on the other side of Dorset it was important to leave with plenty of time to spare. The idea was to walk up Gerrard’s hill before the festivities got underway and take some photographs from the top. Good intentions sometimes get the best of you. The hill was an absolute killer and although being a fit man it soon came clear that sweating was going to be an issue! It was all worth it though as the view from the top was outstanding. The early mist was still in the air and the beauty of the valley was apparent.

When making it back to the farm things were definitely shifting at pace and Rob and the boys were getting the marquee ready. It was a good opportunity to get into my finer clothes and take in what was happening. It soon came to leaving the farm to join the girls at the Ollerod Hotel in town. The Ollerod was a beautiful place to stage the getting ready for the wedding and would definitely recommend it. The peace in the girls room was lovely. There was no nerves on show just enjoyment of each others company. The stunning Gillion Million dress was on the back of the  wardrobe door. The fan was on at full pelt which was cooling the gorgeous Lavender Blue flowers.


Looking back at a wedding can become quite distant but this West dorset wedding was so much fun and have so many good memories of the day. The clear highlight was the amazing 111 year old Rover Tourer which had been in the family for 80 years. Until the wedding it was in one of the barns and was brought out of retirement for the day. It had a new splash of paint and a complete overhaul. The joy in the families faces watching kids playing with the horn was clear to see. The other memory was the speeches. Never laughed so much!

‘Charles was our photographer for our wedding in Beaminster in August 2019 and we couldn’t recommend him more highly. From a fun filled pre-wedding shoot on the beach at West Bay, mapping out our plans for the event, co-ordinating the shots on the day itself and finally sending us our amazing pack of photos so quickly afterwards, Charles did everything possible to make our day run smoothly and make us feel at ease throughout. We now have a fabulous set of photographs which capture the highlights and emotions of our day perfectly. Thank you Charles!’

Rob & Katie (August 2019)


Flowers – Lavender Blue http://lavenderblueflowers.com/

Marquee – The Marquee Hire Company https://themarqueehirecompany.com/

Food – Fossil Foods https://www.fossilfoodcatering.co.uk/

Wedding Dress – Gillian Million http://www.gillianmillion.com/

Cocktails – https://www.cocktailarts.co.uk/

Catering Equipment – https://www.southwesteventhire.co.uk/

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We looked long and hard to find the right person to photograph our wedding day and Charles was the perfect choice. He was a pleasure to work with, meeting us for a lovely pre-wedding shoot, helping us to plan everything out in the run-up to the big day and then providing us with a beautifully presented final set of photos once we returned from honeymoon. On the day itself he put us at ease right from the start, blending in seamlessly with our guests and other suppliers. We were really impressed at the way he worked with the bridesmaids and ushers to guide us all smoothly and very efficiently through the organised group photos but were also so pleased with his gorgeous candid shots of some really lovely moments during the day. Thank you Charles, we will treasure these photos for a long time to come!

Tom & Amy (September 2019)