New forest wedding photographer

New forest wedding photographer

The kiss on Rhineifields ornamental drive. On the way to reception at Rhinefield house


As a New forest wedding photographer I do feel rather blessed with the most amazing venues on the south coast. From Rhinefield house, Chewton glen, Balmer lawn, Burley Manor, The Domus at Beaulieu. The list is huge. Here you will see some of my favourite photographs that I have taken all around the New forest and some blogs that I have done of some of my favourite venues.

As I am very lucky to have the New forest on my doorstep I do go and visit a lot. Sometimes to take photographs or to just go for a walk. Below you will find some of my favourite places.


It must be incredibly daunting looking for your wedding venue. You know that you want to get married in the New forest but have no idea of where to start. Here is a map of the New forest with all the best wedding venues. Underneath the map you will see some web links of some amazing hotels



As a new forest wedding photographer I have been to many of the brilliant venues. There has been loads of absolutely fantastic days. Here are 3 of my favourite days over the last couple of years. I do hope you find them useful.

Rhinefield house in the Autumn


This hotel has given me amazing memories over the years. On a personal note being best man for a good friend and professionally when helping another photographer out and he fell into the lake at the back of the hotel! 

the Three tuns Christchurch


This wedding  at The Three Tuns Christchurch was an absolute joy. It was a gorgeous warm sunny September day in the New forest. We had everything including some sparklers after the first dance. 

Chewton glen wedding photographer


This wedding was originally going to take place in May 2020 but of course was taken over by the pandemic and the lockdown. After numerous attempts of rebooking the wedding took place.


Montagu Arms traditional Bride wedding shot
New forest wedding photographer
Couple going down the Beaulieu high street
'We are married' at the Chewton glen
New forest wedding photographer
Family group shot at the Domus
Candid moments at the Burley manor
New forest wedding photography
Couple outside the gates of beaulieu
First dance at Rhinefield house
Autumn wedding at the Balmer lawn hotel


Castlemaine trail in the New forest


This used to be an old railway line which ran through the New forest until the Beeching cuts in the 1960’s. It is now a gorgeous walkway. I must go down every month or so as the light has an amazing way of playing with the trees. This part of the walk is from Holmsley tea rooms and runs a couple of miles to a car park near Burley.

Tea rooms at Holmsley website –


Hatchet pond at sunset


Hatchet Pond was created around 200 years ago when a causeway was built to dam the Hatchet Stream, flood previously present marl pits and in the process, provide power to drive the wheels of Hatchet Mill, a corn mill located across the causeway. Now, there is a car park and you can walk around the lake. In summer you can see gorgeous sunsets, like this one.


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Thank you so much for sending our photos through, we are struggling to find the words to say how absolutely incredible they are. You have captured our day so perfectly and we have relived our wedding time and time again through your photos. Not only are they photos but they really are works of art; from the cheeky smiles of the flower girls to the raw emotion we both felt on the day and everything in between.

We have had so many comments from all our guests about how lovely you were on the day quite honestly we all forgot you were there. You directed us when we all needed it and as a result the photos are perfect.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being so understanding in times of covid when we had to move our date time and time again. Never once did we feel like you would let us down. Our pre wedding shoot enabled us to gain excitement for our big day and you ensured it happened when we both felt down about our first wedding postponement.

We are genuinely over the moon and we cannot wait to show all our family and friends our wonderful day and to relive it over and over again.

Dan & Martha (July 2021)


Thank you for looking at this blog, I do hope you have found it useful. If you would like to know more please take a look at my ‘about me’ page. Please, by all means make any comments below.

Connaught hotel wedding

2023 Pictures

2023 Pictures

2023 Pictures
Charles Thorne - Dorset wedding photographer


Welcome to my 2023 Pictures diary. I use this page as my incentive to get out with my camera as much as possible. Some of these pictures will be used for competitions with either the Guild of photographers or Photocrowd. Some will be paid jobs that I do through out the year.

The main thing I like to show is that I love taking photographs and I hope I can take as many of you with me as possible.



Hengistbury head sunset

This is my year in pictures in 2022.  A diary of every time I have gone out with my camera in 2022. I have been taking photographs since my early teens. Since the beginning I love how photographs portrays the world in an instant. It is a constant reminder of what you were doing that day. For me, personally, photography has been my soul mate and my friend and I love the buzz after getting a good picture. It is also a journey as photography is about learning new techniques and new ways and that is why I am doing this constant changing blog. It is a reminder of what I took on a certain day but also an incentive to get out more and enjoy taking more pictures.


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Rhinefield house wedding photographer

Rhinefield house wedding photographer


As a Rhinefield wedding photographer you are completely spoilt for choice to where to take photos inside and outside the hotel. Rain or shine you dont have to look far.

Rhinefield house wedding’s has given me amazing memories over the years. On a personal note being best man for a good friend and professionally when helping another photographer out and he fell into the lake at the back of the hotel! That was one of the first wedding’s I ever photographed it is always great being thrown into the deep end!


For me, my favourite times of the year are May and end of October. Both full of colour for different reasons. In May, we have the warm long evenings with the new life on trees and on habitat. The expectation of the summer to come and time spent outside. At the end of October we have the end of the summer but generally you have one last ‘hurrah’ with some final warmth in the sun before the long evenings but you also do have the colour in the trees which October 2019 defintely didn’t disappoint. Colour in the trees was exceptional throughout the new forest. Rhinefield house wedding’s with a backdrop like that is what all bride and grooms want.

Rhinefield house in the Autumn


Looking back to this celebration at Rhinefield house is incredible in so many ways. The amount of fun this wedding party had was amazing. Long lost friends who hadnt seen each other for years from all over the world. No worries of social distancing or wearing a mask. Just pure fun.

Day started with the pitter patter of rain, actually it was incredibly heavy. The forecast changed very last minute so Plan B came out with some photos being inside. Weather didnt dampen anything, far from it, their personality was all over the weather as the photo above shows.

The wedding itself was at a beautiful church in Sopley, outside of Christchurch. Umbrellas were everywhere when entering the church but inside we had the warmth of candles and laughter. It was such a lovely service. My favourite memory was watching the page boy and flower girl coming up the isle with all the audience watching them. The Bride beaming behind them with an adoring father holding her arm. It was such a lovely moment which I will treasure in my memory banks.

After the service we had a quick discussion about the confetti shot which they wanted to do even with the rain pouring down and I am so glad we did as the emotion was on full view for everyone to see.

Rhinefield house wedding's


Rhinefield house is a small journey into the New forest. We planned to stop on Ornamental drive to get some photos of the colour in the forest with the goregous car they were driving in. The rains stopped just in time with a glint of light coming through the trees. With cars behind me I was thankful for a bit of social distancing and was able to get a shot on the road. Time was close to 3pm by the time we arrived at the hotel and with the light completely changing outside we were able to get the group shots outside. Sun was like milk covering its cream all over its surroundings. It was one of the most incredible light that I have ever worked in.

With the couple eating I took to the garden and with evening coming on strong a mist started to develop. It was stunning!

The speeches is when everyone a part from the speakers totally relax so I focused my attention on the audience. They didnt disappoint. Emotion was on tap and loved catching it on camera.

So, we come to the first dance. Wow! There has always been a constant joke with my couples about their ‘you tube’ dance instead of the slow plod. This couple did everything including a total outfit change. The preperation they must of made with the hours of training. Doing it all together. Well done Ian & Mayra – you totally nailed it!

What a wedding. Hope you like the pictures.



Love being a Rhinefield house wedding photographer. Enjoy this short video showing my highlights.

Music by Luke Barents

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