Last normal photo

Last normal photo

Last 'Normal' photo

This is the last normal photo on my camera before lockdown. Being a photographer I take a lot of photos of my boys. The poor devils! They have lived with me wanting to take pictures their whole lives!


March 22nd will always stay with me. The lockdown was happening the following day and I wanted to get out of the house before we were stuck in it.

Over the years the Purbecks has been my place of choice when wanting to have some real fresh air. This day definitely deserved that choice. My wife went to see her mum and I went with the boys to Chapman pool. This was the first time and it didn’t disappoint. Parking at Worth matravers we went across the fields to Emmett’s hill. It was such a windy, sunny day but as we walked down the hill the wind dropped and we arrived at the bottom to have tea. With the boys fed we moved around the valley to Houns Tout. The sun was setting beyond our line of sight so I was determined to see it before it past the horizon. The climb up Houns Tout was incredible. Only for the crazy and the silly. We reached the top with the full force of the wind and this is what we saw. What a sight.

So my last normal photo before lockdown is a sunset on normal times looking over the most gorgeous scene and my eldest, Tom, looking towards his future.


I expect this is not what I wanted to portray at the time. Just wanted a nice photo of my boy infront of the view but now 3 months later it means so much to have this photo. It is a memory of better times. It reminds me that we will get through this and come out of the other side stronger.

What is your last normal photo –

Proof read by my son Tom



last normal picture

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