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Thank you for showing an interest in my world of Photography. I am pretty crazy about camera’s if you havent already gathered but a part from being a Christchurch wedding photographer in Dorset what else am I interested in. Please read on…

Christchurch Dorset wedding photographer
Wedding photography at Cerne Abbas


Being a Christchurch wedding photographer can be quite time consuming but I do get out and about and do other things.

So, if we met at a party in my home town of Christchurch what will you find. Well, I will probably have my wife with me and at least one of my three boys pulling me in one direction or another. My eldest has taken his GCSE’s this year and my youngest is sport mad and loves his cricket. The middle one loves his music. He is only 15 but is already taller then me (which he reminds me every day!).

We will probably talk about them a lot but we will of course get on to other things. Love to keep fit so I will probably talk about the next crazy challenge that I am partaking. Just starting to train for the Dart 10k swim this year. I am doing that for a charity called Level water who help disabled children have proper swimming lessons. My previous challenges include 11 marathons, a couple of triathlons and other odd and ends. It keeps me fit in body and in mind


I will of course then get into talking about my photography which has been my soul friend and my life for over 30 years. Initally by studying it at college for 5 years and then in weddings which I fell on by accident. At the time I was working behind a bar and a customer asked me if I could photograph their parents wedding. They were in their mid 80’s and were great fun. I loved every minute of that day and I became hooked on the drug of photographing weddings. That was 27 years ago. If I am not doing that I absolutely love getting up early and doing landscapes or art photography . You just never know what conditions you are going to get.


    Confetti shot in the rain at Sopley church Christchurch


    My motto is – ‘It’s your day – not mine’. Such a priviledge to be at a couples wedding day and it deserves respect. By standing back and letting the day run in it’s natural way gives you a true perspective of the day. Giving you memories and fresh stories that you didn’t see, mixing that with a few fun family / friend group photos. Doing Wedding photography Dorset is an absolute joy and I cant imagine my world without it. The short video will give you a good look at my work. Music is by my 15 year old son – very talanted!!


    Looking over the Dorset coastline


    I cant think of any easier task then writing about Dorset & Weddings. The county of Dorset has everything that I need – With its rolling hills and sandy beaches, there is much to love. It really does have it all! I have photographed weddings for over half of my life and it is a complete joy to be a part of. 

    Over the last 25 years I have seen many couples come to Dorset to get married. Often the couple have some connection to this magnificent place, either having family locally or having a holiday here and have forged a relationship. Many couples come down from London as the world of Dorset is so different to a large 24 hour city. A place you can breath and relax…..peace.

    This post will discuss absolutely everything you need to know about your up and coming Wedding. With advice for your hair and make-up from the best artist in the county – Amazing face, Map of the best Dorset venues, my favourite photos in Dorset. Please take a look!

    Favourite picture of my boys


    Taken in October 2016 at Linford Bottom in the New Forest.

    There is such a story around this picture. I took my boys to the New forest to get some nice pictures to give to their mum for Christmas. As normal the boys had better ideas and wanted to play around the river. Just to make it clear my youngest isn’t throwing a brick at my eldest’s head! LOVE the connection and the gorgeous autumn light in this pic and it reminds me of their character at the time. The picture is hanging on the wall at home.

    Candid picture of bride and groom at the Connaught hotel Bournemouth


    ‘We got in touch with Charles to take photos at our wedding. My partner and I have been blown away by how fantastic Charles has been through the whole process.

    He made us feel completely at ease and comfortable with having our picture taken. We thoroughly enjoyed the pre-wedding shoot and had so much fun with Charles on the day of the wedding.

    We are immensely happy with the final package of photos we have received. He got great pictures of us with our family and so many amazing moments that we were too busy to see on the day.

    We would unreservedly recommended Charles to anyone for any event.’

    Paul & Esther October 2022


      Relaxed family photo's on Christchurch quay

      We all live very busy lives – it has become all too easy to snap away on our mobile phones, but how often do we actually print the photographs?

      My portrait shoots are investments in time and will give you a quality finished product that you can pass down to your children and grand children. Having the multiple sessions gives you a chance to have different shoots at various times of the year. In the shoot we will play games, do some dancing and a lot of jumping about. This is the best way of getting natural expressions and hopefully it will be a fun experience that you will want to come back to.

      All my Relaxed family portrait shoots are done either in your home or out and about in places that you enjoy. Not in the studio.


      Thank you very much for your interest in my photography. If you would like to know more please fill in the form below and I will get in contact with you as as soon as I can

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